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 Nite'n Load

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PostSubject: Nite'n Load   Nite'n Load I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 06, 2011 2:22 pm

Original Writeup on Nerfrevolution

First off, credit goes to A.C.E. for making the original one. He created it WAY before me. Also, this is only cosmetics, it WILL NOT cover anything for range


3B handle
Nite Finder
Epoxy Putty
Hot glue

First, get your 3B handle and cut it here:

Nite'n Load Dizzy132

Put your 3B handle aside for a while and get your Nite Finder. Take out all of the internals and cut it here:

Nite'n Load Dizzy133 (You may want to sand away the curve left from the handle)

Now take your handle and hot glue it onto your Nite Finder shell (make sure that you can still open the gun up)

Nite'n Load Dizzy134

Now try your best to get it level by sanding. (You CAN'T cut off the NERF symbol, it won't work)

Nite'n Load Dizzy135

Now, to save Epoxy Putty, try to level it out with hot glue.

Nite'n Load Dizzy136(I got it around the symbol)

Now, it's time to give your handle some strength and make more things level. Get your Epoxy Putty and glue down the handle and make everything smooth.

Nite'n Load Dizzy138

I don't have a picture of this, but the trigger won't actually work until you Dremel a hole in the handle fot it to slide through, but even after that it won't work! cut down your trigger to make it fit and them curve it with yout dremel (or create a new, smaller trigger).

Nite'n Load Dizzy139

Now, screw down the trigger and glue the trigger spring to the shell.

Nite'n Load Dizzy140

Put your internals in and it should look very strange.

Nite'n Load Dizzy141

Close the gun up and... your still not done. Fill those holes in the shell that let you see the plunger tube with hot glue

Nite'n Load Dizzy142

Paint it and your done!

Nite'n Load Dizzy143

Edit: Nite'n Load Dizzy152

I have a video of it shooting that I will TRY to get up soon. Again, credit goes to A.C.E. for making the original.

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Nite'n Load
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