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PostSubject: Tech's Stuff!   Tech's Stuff! I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 09, 2011 4:08 pm

Tech's Stuff! Dizzy307

This is kind of a contract thread, you pm me what your specifications for each product are and I will sell you the product. I am open to trade, I am looking for a clear Nite Finder, if you think you may have something I might want, PM me. I only take paypall and nothing else. If you want to buy something and you haven't joined, join now!!! Very Happy

Tech's Stuff! Dizzy308
Price= 12 dollars per breach

This is my new special CPVC breach, that is made to fit in 1/2 in. PVC blasters. pcifications for these breaches are:
-15/32 Brass pusher
-fit into 1/2 CPVC couplers
-Barrel Length
-A string to stop form pulling out the barrel

Tech's Stuff! Dizzy309
Price= 10 dollars

These breaches use 1/2in. polly pipe to go over the 1/2in. PVC. These go into 1/2in. CPVC couplers. specifications for these breaches are:

-fit into 1/2 PVC couplers
-barrel length
-A string to stop from pulling out the barrel

Tech's Stuff! Dizzy310
Price=15 dollars

While standard RSCBs are outdated, these are shotgun spray RSCBs that gives you two shotgun sprays instead on just one. The specifications for these are:
-Barrel length
-PVC encap or 3/4 in. PVC ball valve (will bring price up by 4 dollars
-Clip size
-Number of darts per shotgun spray
-Barrel length

Tech's Stuff! Dizzy312
5 dollars

I know RSCBs are outdated, but I don't want to sell hopper clips until I buy 15 more PVC wyes. These are single shot RSCBs that do NOT come with clear clips' Specifications include:
-Barrel length
-1/2in. endcap of 3/4in. CPVC ball valve (will bring price up by 3 dollars
-clip size
-clip material

Tech's Stuff! Dizzy313
Price=5 dollars for 100 stefans

These are single bb stefans that will only be sold with the purchase of something else.

Tech's Stuff! Dizzy314
Price=3 dollars

These are snap triggers. Specifications include:
-plycarb triggers
-aluminum triggers

Remember, these price may change depending on specifications. Pm me for a question about shipping.
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Tech's Stuff!
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