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 Breeched Tech Target Gun

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PostSubject: Breeched Tech Target Gun   Thu Apr 07, 2011 12:05 pm

Materials needed


3/4in. CPVC
1/2in. CPVC
1/2in. CPVC coupler


15/32 brass


Hot Glue
Your choice of glue.


Duct tape
Electrical tape

The Breech

First get your Tech Target and open it up. You then need to get your plunger tube and make the front of it resemble this:

(I actually have modded this four different ways and one time the nub actually came of remodding it)

Now you need to get a 1/2in. piece long piece of 1/2in. CPVC

and shove it into your coupler.

Now get a one in. piece of 15/32 brass

and glue it into the piece of CPVC in the coupler (it doesn't have to be air tight.)

Now get your piece of 3/4in. CPVC

and glue it onto the top of your coupler (make sure it's straight).

Dremel out the inside of your shell so that it resembles this:

Cut a slot in your 3/4in. CPVC towards the coupler (make sure it is 1/2in. longer than your darts).

I kind of messed this part up, but find out where the end of you breech hole is and then cut one side of the shell in front of the hole:

Glue in all of the internals with hot glue and do what you want with the spring power (I added a tech 4 spring and am getting a good amout of power)

Put the gun back together and cut down the 3/4in. CPVC to a good length.

Now, get a 5 1/2 long piece of 1/2 cpvc for your barrel

Locking Mech

Now take a piece of duct tape and cut it in half. Next, rap it backwards around the piece of CPVC:

Now cut a piece of electical tape in half and rap it around the CPVC as close as you can get it to the end of the CPVC without it getting in the coupler.

Put it into the 3/4in. CPVC (no glue is needed because you rapped the duct tape backwards)

Now you are done!

I do not have the ranges yet because it is snowing outside. I have shot it in my basement and it hits the other wall 50 ft. away no problem.
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PostSubject: Re: Breeched Tech Target Gun   Thu Apr 07, 2011 12:30 pm

Great mod!
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Breeched Tech Target Gun
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