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 RSCB longshot (almost no dead space)

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PostSubject: RSCB longshot (almost no dead space)   Wed Apr 06, 2011 2:14 pm

url=]Original Writeup on Nerfrevolution[/url]

I got bored with my brass singled longshot, and decided to make it RSCB. I read Mr. Badrench's writeup and did not like the deadspace and airseal, so I created this.


1/2in. dowle rod
1/2in. CPVC
3/4in. PVC
1/2in. CPVC tee (2 of them)
a screw
hot glue

First, what you want to do is cut the longshot where Mr. Badwrench did. Now, take one of your tees and and get rid of those ridges in it. Next, take a small piece of 3/4in. ( I think it was about 1/4 in. long) PVC and hot glue it in your tee.

Hot glue the PVC to the plunger tube.

Now, cut off the black piece that pushes the plunger rod back and glue CPVC in. Fill the deadspace with hot glue. Now, goop some dowle rod in the small piece of CPVC in the black piece (make sure it doesn't go back all the way). Put a screw through it to and sand it flush.

Now that you have done that, put goop around the tee and 3/4 in. pvc untill you feel it is tight. Next, drill a hole in the CPVC going thourgh the tee.

Top view:

(note this is not inside the tee because I replaced the black piece in the back with a coupler)

Rear view:

Assemble your RSCB, put a handle on it, and your done!

I added another spring, and it is very strong.
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RSCB longshot (almost no dead space)
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