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 Nite Finder Overhaul: BigFinder

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PostSubject: Nite Finder Overhaul: BigFinder    Wed Apr 06, 2011 1:50 pm

Original Writeup on Nerfrevolution

So, I decided I wan't an insanely awesome secondary, so I was going to make a super extended draw NiteFinder, but it evolved into this. The writeup with be divided into two parts, super extened draw and plunger tube replacement.

Super Extended Draw

Hot glue

So, first take out your plunger tube and cut off those little screw holes that hold the plunger tube down. Next, cut slots in the back of the Nitefinder in between the two screw ports and make it go up to the catch holder:

Chop off that nub on the plunger rod:

Now, you are going to want to minimize your Nitefinder:

(If you did it how I minimized it (like Rogue) then you should have most of the screw ports left.)

Set the plunger tube forward and glue it down.

Plunger Tube Replacement


1/2in. CPVC coupler
Super Glue
Electrical Tape
BBBB Pump tube and head
Hot glue
A screw


Hot glue gun

First, you are going to want to cut your BBBB pump tube to a length of about 4 1/2 in.

Now, get your 1/2 in. CPVC coupler and cut it in half:

Now rap it several time in electical tape until it fits tight in BBBB pump tube:

Super glue it into your BBBB pump tube (make sure the coupler is all the way in). After it dries, put lubricate a piece of CPVC and put in your coupler. Put Plumber's Goop around it and the coupler and let it dry:

(This does not have the goop around it yet)

While that's drying, gut your BBBB pump head like this:

Now take a longish screw and screw the pump head onto the plunger rod. Now, select a strong and long spring (do not use a k26 cut down to a lenght of 4 1/2 in., it won't work) I used the home depot spring that Rogue used in his writeup, WHICH IS TO SHORT. I would recomend a k25 spring.

After the BBBB pump tube is finished drying, glue it in with all your internals in like this:

(You will have to do Dremeling to make it fit)

Put it mack together and your done!

I am incredible pleased with this blaster. It puts out a good amount of air and is pretty powerful. The ranges for this are currently 60ft. flat, but the spring is too short, so when I get a K25 spring the ranges should go up.
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Nite Finder Overhaul: BigFinder
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